Our Conductor

Matilda is since February the conductor of the Legato Choir
Photo: A-K Thelin

Matilda is a licensed voice coach by the University for stage and music specialized in choir and musical drama. She has done parts of her education at the Uppsala University as well.

During her time in Uppsala she led the mens’ choir UD (Ulltunae Drängar). When she later moved back she went from leading a mens’ choir to becoming the conductor for the womens’ choir Disskanterna in Skövde. You might also have seen her conduct the symphonic orchestra by Swedens’ music graduates song contest (”SMASK”).
Today she works as a voice coach and head of culture at Kungälv municipality

Matilda is also often hired as a singer and to do workshops with other choirs. In her spare time she sings in a choir called Solid Gospel, whom participated in both Melodifestivalen and records with the Gospel-elite in the United States.

Matilda holds a wide range of genres, but has a special love for musicals. This will probably show in the Legato Choirs’ repetoir in the future. Of course she will also bring out the elements in the Legato Choir that makes them just that – the Legato Choir.